When involved in the logistics on
behalf of our clients we are able to
ensure that our expertise in
handling all shipments
is based
on a professional and effective
door to door facility.

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Choice Freight has been in existence since 2014 in the Transport and Logistics and other related Industries.

Our objective is to be viewed as the Top Class Private Business Enterprise able to provide cost effective logistics solutions on a long-term relationship basis to our customers and to add real value to their logistical operations. Choice Freight has its registered Head office based in Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa.

Core Values

Responsibility to All Our Customers

To develop and provide specialized service and products, which offer value in terms of price, cost and quality, supported by the requisite professional, technological and commercial expertise.
Responsibility to The Community

To conduct business as a responsible member of the community, observing applicable laws of all the countries in which we operate and giving due regards to safety and environmental standards of all concerned.
Personal Integrity

To exercise honesty, loyalty and integrity in all aspects of our business and avoid conflict between our personal and professional activities in the way we conduct our business.
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